About Me

Hello! My name is Jessica and I'm the author of this little blog. I'm also a Christian, a wife, and a full-time graduate student in the computational biological sciences. During the day I go to work in a science lab and in the evenings I come home to play house with my wonderful husband. In my few, precious, in-between moments I love to surf Pinterest and Polyvore, sew and blog!

I'm by no means a fashionista, but I'm always trying to learn more and develop my own style. This space, plaid w/ stripes, is a place for me to discuss modest fashion and hopefully join the community of like-minded women already sharing their knowledge on this topic!

Why blog about modest fashion? Since this is all a recent learning experience, I thought it'd be helpful for me to record my thoughts and progress toward developing a modest style in order to help others in the same position!

Thanks so much for visiting! Please leave a comment so I know you've come by; I would love to hear from you!

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